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 FAQ About Inviting

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PostSubject: FAQ About Inviting   Sat Feb 23, 2008 9:59 pm

1) What pages will we use?
We're going to invite people from the Overall Ranks list. Go to Members in Dark Throne, and click Overall Rank. Now just go to the pages that were given out to you.

2) Can we choose multiple pages to invite - and if we can, how many can we have max?
We recommend everyone to start off with at least 5 pages, but 10 pages max. Our rule used to be the max was always at 10 pages, but if you have done it before, you're allowed to ask for more pages, with no maximum quantity.

3) Can we use Firefox?
Ofcourse. I think it's even better to use firefox, since you can invite a lot quicker with it. Look here plz: quick ways of inviting

4) Say I am assigned pages 300-310. I would go to Rankings in DT, click on Overall Rankings...and go to page 300, and invite all people on pages 300 to 310....then I could ask for a new set of pages?
jup, that's all correct

5) Where will we be posting the number of pages we want, and do we have to wait until saturday to request pages?
You can request pages here: Inviting list topic
You can also see which pages you still have to do there. The topic is closed now, but it will be opened when the contest begins.

6) I've invite 10 pages now what do i have to do? Where do I post the names?
If you've finished your pages, and you already copied them, you post them in the same topic as where you requested your pages. Edit your previous post, or if that one has already been deleted, make a new one.

7) When will we receive all the rewards?
All rewards are given out after the inviting contest.

Cool Why does it say "'user' has already been invited to this alliance." when i invite someone?
This is probably because you waited for some time with inviting, and the one before you is already finished. Ranking pages change a little every 5 minutes. It's not much, but this is probably what caused you to get this error. Just go on inviting, it's probably just the first few pages. To avoid this, only request pages when you have time to invite them.

9) How long is the contest going to last?
Right now, it's going to continue for exactly three weeks.
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FAQ About Inviting
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