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PostSubject: General Info   Sat Feb 23, 2008 10:09 pm

How does it work

Step 1 : Who should you invite?
Post ,in this thread that you would like to invite new players to the alliance. Do not forget to tell us how many pages you would like to invite. The minimum is 10, the maximum amount is 100 pages. Keep in mind it takes about 10 to 40 minutes to invite 10 pages (depending on your computer, connection and "inviting experience"). So if this is your first inviting festival, start out with 10 or 20 to find out how much time it takes you.

We will then edit your post and tell you which pages you are supposed to invite. Wait until we have done this before you starting to invite.

Keep in mind that if we talk about 'pages', we mean OVERALL RANK pages , not attack pages. To find the overall ranking, you just need to login, go to main->members-> overall rank (right below your name and class) and click it.

Step 2 : The inviting

For those who never invited anybody before, I will give you an extremely detailed explanation, so everything is clear. If you have some experience with inviting you can just skip this.
Go to the first page (so main->members-> overall rank -> type page in search box) you are supposed to invite. Click the first name of the list, which brings you to his (or her) profile.
Above their statistics you see the following;

Quote :
Invite User To Join

Click "The Frozen Legion" and you wil be given the option to confirm this invite, do so by pressing submit. Your first invite has been sent press the back button of your browser 2 times to return to the list.
Repeat the whole proces with the second, third, ... person on the list
Obviously it would take a lot of time to invite the whole page using this method, but there are ways to invite A LOT faster.

A tip ; If you have to invite 10 pages. Open 10 browser windows, each window for 1 page. Go to the rankingpage that you are supposed to invite and copy (ctrl+c) all the names on the page. Open a notepad file and paste the list there, repeat the same for the 9 other pages and save the file. So make the list BEFORE you actually invite, it will save you a lot of trouble later on. once you are done inviting this list, of in total 5000 names, should be posted in your message in here.

Step 3 : Proving you invited all players
When you finish inviting all the players on the page, copy the playerlist (ctr+c) and post it in your own message in the here. After we checked if you really invited those people, we will award you the points.
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General Info
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