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 Super-Quick Way To Invite

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PostSubject: Super-Quick Way To Invite   Sat Feb 23, 2008 10:13 pm

For those of you that want to invite quickly, here's a way to invite very fast using Firefox. Firefox can be downloaded and installed very easily. If you don't like to use it as your default browser, you can simply use Internet explorer (=IE further in the text) for surfing, and Firefox for inviting. You can delete it like a regular program after the inviting contest, so there is no good reason why you wouldn't give it a try.

With IE, inviting a page costs around 3 minutes, which is not very much. But with firefox it costs me around 1 minut!!

Here's the instruction: (i didn't write this myself, silent_warrior of TGL and inderdeed of DTr wrote it, i only edited it and added the links)

1. Download Mozilla FireFox…here

NOTE Firefox 2.0a BETA is NOT compatible with SwiftTabs.
For SwiftTabs, it is best to use the current, NON-BETA version. (

2. Install FireFox.
Launch Firefox
Click .. Tools > Extensions
Click Get More Extensions
Locate and install "Swift Tabs" (it is under 'tabbed browsing', on the fourth page)

3. Close FireFox

4. Launch FireFox

Click.. Tools>Extensions
Double click on swift tabs change Keys to F2 for previous tab and F3 for next tab.

5. Close firefox again.

6. Launch Firefox

7. Log into

8. Go to the page you want to start at. (Note that invites are done in Overall rank pages, NOT attack pages)

9. hold your Ctrl key and click on all DT names in the list that you want to join Frozen Legin, this should open a new tab for each person you click. Once you have reached the bottom of the list stop.

10. Press your F3 key, this should move you to the next tab. Move your mouse over to invite user to join alliance and click. Leaving your mouse in that position.

11. Keep pressing f3, clicking "invite this user to Frozen Legion"

Wait a bit for the pages to reload (Times vary, depending on your internet connection)

12. Press F3 Key now and you should be at a submit page, move your mouse to the submit button and click.

13. Keep repeating. Until you have reach your attack page again.

Wait a bit for the pages to reload (Times vary, depending on your internet connection)

14. now press your F3 key , to make sure they have all finished the invite process. Once this is complete, and your back to your overall ranks window, you can close firefox again... or keep inviting more


If you're using IE, and you're not going to change that, here are some tips from me (i always invited with IE too, i'm going to get firefox tomorow, when i'm at my own pc)
1. go to the page you want to do

2. click the name, and invite him.

3. if you've hit the 'submit' buton you'll get a text saying 'An invitation has been sent to The_White_Wizard. You are now being forwarded back to the alliances page.'
If you see that, directly click your backspace button three times. now you're back at the page,

4. click the next person, and do the same thing again...
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Super-Quick Way To Invite
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