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 Faces of the Wind

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PostSubject: Faces of the Wind   Sat Sep 20, 2008 8:11 pm

Name of the alliance: Faces of the Wind

Members:: 34

Founded:: November 27, 2004

History (include wars or any events of major significance): Though we came close to having a war when we first started, diplomacy pulled through and a lot of pain was diverted. On the war front that is pretty much all we have to declare.

For full detail on our history it’s kind of long so I can post it if you want to read it… choice is yours Razz

Current allies (official, unofficial, etc.): Minas Tirith (dun bother looking them up... there's only 2 members in it today and they are being kept as a sign of respect for what they used to be),The Steel Legion and Chapterhouse 7. We are also a part of the Ornamentum coalition.

Leaders:: Aquarious and Sanchusa

Why do you want to ally with us?: We were approached by Alt and looking further into your alliance things look good and we resemble each other on many levels.

What do you expect of us, and what do you expect in return?: Aside from “blacklist” case exchange (the rare times we get some), some of us may be willing to click to help everyone get those extra 25 clicks per day(even some who are legends) and we are more than willing to share whatever we have :nods: including our luxurious spam section ^_^

So if any of you like spamming or just wanna take a look around to see what we have on forum, dun shy from registering and just post an introduction thread and state somewhere in it that you are from Frozen Legion Razz There are also some from our forum that would prolly like to snoop around on this forum now and then Smile

What are our alliance goals?
We want to continue to have a fun alliance just like it has been from the start. An alliance where all the members are heard equally and cared for just as much. A place where we can see someone and call them friend whether they are old or new to us. We want our alliance board to be alive like it used to be and we are very well on our way to getting that done :nods: (we get a page or two in today’s active topics regularly)

How big do we want our alliance to become?
Faces plans on being a rather small alliance, though larger than we presently are. We would like to eventually have around 50-60 active members so as we can get to know more people/spammers and yet still know each and every member and be able to do a little more for everyone ingame Smile

What is our view on war? How do we, or would we, handle the news of the possibility of a war?
We are a peaceful alliance unless something occurs that raises the need to sharpen our teeth on something. We always go for diplomacy first but if that fails and there is no other option then the members of Faces would be glad to chip in all we can either through spying (the ingame type and snooping for info) or attacks. This is a war game after all

Do we have any enemies?
Not at the moment. Or at least not that we know of :unsure:

Under what circumstances would you be expected to participate in battles that our alliance undergoes?
Well, we would never force you to do anything that you did not want to. What we would do is if we end up with a case or something that diplomacy can't handle, we'd post all the info on your forum and let u decide if you want in on the action or not. And we expect and hope that you would do the same at our forums so's we can have a chance at a little action as well, diplomacy or otherwise ^_^

DT profile
Forum link
DT forum thread

Well, that is all I can think of to put here. But if any of you have any Qs or need something clarified, please dun shy from asking Smile

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Faces of the Wind
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