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PostSubject: WELCOME TO THE FROZEN LEGION   Sat Feb 23, 2008 8:08 pm

Welcome to our Forum.

When you're on this forum for the first time, and you haven't registered, you might want to know where all topics are... Just register, and you'll see. You can't see them when you haven't registered

There are some rules here, to keep it nice for everyone:
Always listen to the mods, follow their instructions

Be nice to each other, so don't give each other names, no racism, show some respect.

Don't double post. If you've got something new to say, but the last post is yours, just edit it. Double posts will be deleted

Keep it on topic. If you want to say useless things you're welcome, but keep that in the spam part. Don't spam in the serious parts of the forum.

Have a lot of fun, and have a nice stay
Here I want to invite you all to register and to join our forum!!
Registering doesn't need much time. You don't have to wait for validation, so you can start right on

Now About the alliance

Frozen Legion is a fairly new alliance, but we're established well. People are getting to know us, and we'll become a respected alliance.
We're also a peaceful alliance, but we protect our members well. We try to solve everything with diplomacy, and if that fails, we'll call on our active band of members.

Everyone is welcome to join. We don't mind what race you are or how powerfull you are.
Our ranking system is mainly based on activity. We've got our unique star system, that awards the active players, and that keeps track of them.
All our members have the same rights, which are the following:
You're welcome to use the forum
You're protected by the alliance. Fellow members won't attack you, and we provide help with farmers.
For all the help you need, you can post at the forum, or just scroll through our help topics.

But most of all have loads of fun and make friends at our forum.... that's what a game is for right??

This isn't radically different from other alliance...but it's wise to join now or you might end up on the wrong side of the battlefield
It's more important to make friends than enemies
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