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PostSubject: Ambassador's Area   Sat Feb 23, 2008 9:31 pm

Greetings and Salutations!

In regards to a recent improvement in activity and stepping up relations with our allies, we are needing new diplomats and ambassadors in order to keep up with our new schemes in place.

The problem in itself is that few ambassadors and diplomats devote time towards updating us with our allies' information and what's happening, and this is simply unacceptable.

So, we would like 2 active diplomats per ally, and they must be able to fulfil all requirements and give us a FULL report of anything that goes on in that alliance. (e.g. Even if it is something small like "there is talk of new skins there" or "nothing much is happening")

What does an Ambassador do for the alliance?
1-He/she keeps us up to date about the latest news about our ally. For instance leadership changes, problems and wars.
2-If one of our allies has a problem, he/she will contact the amabassor and ask for our help
4-If one of our members farmed an ally, our ambassador will be the one they should contact about it.
5-He/she will negotiate a new kind of alliance between us and our ally. An alliance with better rules which are clear to everybody and a lot more cooperation
6-He will check the blacklist of their forum and keep us up to date about their current masses, so we can help.

What Skills/Values do you need to become an ambassador?
1-You have to be active.
2-You have to have a good knowledge of english and be able to write a decent message.
3-You have to be rather diplomatic and responsible.
4-You have to be active on both our and their forum, so you are always up to date about everything that is going on in both alliances.
5-General knowledge about current wars, conflicts and alliances in Dark Throne is advisable, although not necessary.
6-It is best that you have a free alliance slot, so you can join our ally and read their mass messages.
7-Although this is not an absolute necessity, it is a big plus.

Want to Apply?
Just make a post below, but don't forget to include some information we need before we can evaluate your application;
1-Your ingame name
2-The alliance for which you would like to become an ambassador
3-Your current alliances. If you are already a member of an ally, we would also like to know your rank.
4-Your experience as an ambassador / diplomat (this is not necessary, but obviously a big plus)
5-Are you up to date about current news in Dark Throne? (wars, strong alliances, conflicts, ...)
6-The reason why you think you would be a good ambassador
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Ambassador's Area
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